Treasurer’s Response to COVID-19

We appreciate your patience!

Thank you for your patience during these challenging times. The vehicle licensing office will be open beginning May 11, 2020 to process new plates and registrations. Please be sure to bring your invoice or bill of sale, proof of insurance or any other documents related to the vehicle to help us complete your transaction.

Spring is always a very busy time for our office and coupled with the impact of the closure, we request you consider renewing your vehicle registration online or mail it to our office. In addition to these options, a drop box is available at the southwest entrance of the courthouse to drop off your renewals.

The second installment of property taxes are due May 11, 2020. Please consider mailing your payment or using the drop box that will be available at the southwest entrance to the courthouse.  Please include your name and phone number with your payment and use an envelope if you use the drop box.  

You can also make your payment online.

  • Online payment options are available for license plate renewals and property tax payments.
  • Complete an online form and submit a request for assistance.  We will process the requests based on due date as quickly as possible.  You can opt in to receive an email that will provide you with a record of your effort to satisfy your vehicle tax or fee deadline. 

Again, thank you for your patience during these rapidly changing times.

Other Options and Information

  1. Vehicle Sales Tax
  2. New License Plates
  3. Vehicle Registration Renewal
  4. Property Tax

For vehicle temporary tags and sales tax you have the following options:

If you wish to pay sales tax on a new vehicle to avoid penalty and interest, here are your options:

1.  Please call 235-9370.  There will be extreme wait times, but we will get to your call as soon as possible.

2.  Complete this form and we will call you to process your sales tax based on due date.

3.  The office is open beginning May 11, 2020.  We are observing social distancing guidelines so expect lines that may extend outside.