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Mar 16

Nordic Trail Conditions on Casper Mountain

Posted to Natrona County Parks by Matt Buhler

The winter season of 2017-18 has produced one of the lowest snow totals on record.  Casper Mountain only received 4" of wet snow last night which is not enough to keep several of the Nordic trails open.  Because of areas that have bare ground or rocks/logs sticking through; Beartrap and Ridge trails will not be groomed again.  Bishop, Good Luck and Ski Team trails will not be groomed after the weekend (March 17-18).  The weather forecast shows little chance of precipitation and warmer temperatures, which will continue to cause trail conditions to deteriorate.  The Conditions and Updates page on the Natrona County website ( will be updated with any new trail closures.  The area is still open but be aware of obstacles that may arise.
Aug 09

T.W. Arrives at Crossroads Adventure Playground

Posted to The Wandering Elf by T.W. Elf

Several days went by before T.W. got closer to what would be his final destination. He was growing weary and disheartened. In the evening he would find a place to nestle in and sleep off the long day. Usually, there was a thunderstorm or two that rolled through and he would burrow his way deep into the brush to shield himself from the pounding rain.

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