Casper Mountain


Located just a few miles south of the City of Casper, Casper Mountain offers a full range of activities in every season. Cross country nordic skiing, mountain biking, hiking, archery, horseback riding, Garden Creek Falls, mountain music, Midsummer's Eve, camping, and picnicking have transformed Casper Mountain into a year round destination for recreation.


Each campground and facility has its own personality. You can hike the Braille Trail or the Bridle Trail depending on what experience you desire. You can picnic and camp from Beartrap Meadow on the east end of the mountain to Archery Range Park on the west and several places in between. To make camping or shelter reservations, please visit the Camping Reservation System.
If you want to picnic at the base of the mountain, go to Rotary Park where Garden Creek, the Falls, and the Bridle Trail beckon. There is a facility and a location for every age and every level of enjoyment. Casper Mountain will keep you coming back to explore more of her natural wonders and top-notch facilities.

View Current Conditions

Check out the conditions and the weather before you make the journey. Two webcams and a weather station will display current conditions including temperature and wind direction. The webcams show either the North or the South view from the Casper Mountain Trails Center. It is updated every 15 minutes and retains 12 hours of images.

blue and white Casper Mountain Webcam & Weather, drawing of a webcam