Well Known Natrona Residents

Several area residents have gained national recognition. Former Vice President Richard Cheney and his wife, Lynne, grew up in Casper. NBC news correspondent Pete Williams is a Casper native. Mike Sullivan, former Ambassador to Ireland and former Governor, and former Ambassador to Guatemala Thomas Stroock are from Casper. Father and son, Neil and Mick McMurry, construction and energy entrepreneurs raised their families here.

The True family, long-time petroleum operators reside in Casper. Edness Kimball Wilkins and Verda James both served as Speakers of the Wyoming House, the only two women to hold that office. Cincinnati Reds pitcher Tom Browning played youth baseball here, as did Colorado Rockies Mike Lansing and LA Dodger Mike Devereaux. Sharon Brondos, a Harlequin novel author, lives in Casper. C.J. Box, best-selling author of popular fiction books based around Wyoming,grew up in Casper.