General Contests & Candidates

The General Election will be held on November 8, 2022.

Listed below are all of the offices available for election.
Successful candidates from the Primary will be displayed after State Certification is complete on September 8, 2022.

The Filing period for the Contributions & Expenditures Financial Report is October 25, 2022 - November 1, 2022.

Forms are available at: or through the County Clerk's office.

Last Update: September 8, 2022 2:18 PM

Federal Contests
Contest   Term
United States Representative 2 years
Republican Harriet Hageman
Democratic Lynnette Greybull
Libertarian Richard Brubaker
Constitution Marissa Joy Selvig

State Contests
Contest   Term
Governor 4 years
Republican Mark Gordon
Democratic Theresa A. Livingston
Libertarian Jared J. Baldes
Secretary of State 4 years
Republican Chuck Gray
State Auditor 4 years
Republican Kristi Racines
Contest   Term
State Treasurer 4 years
Republican Curt Meier
Superintendent of Public Instruction 4 years
Republican Megan Degenfelder
Democratic Sergio A. Maldo Nado, Sr.
Seventh Judicial District Attorney 4 years
  Dan J Itzen

Senate Contests
Contest   Term
State Senator 27 4 years
Republican Bill Landen
State Senator 29 4 years
Republican Bob Ide

House Contests
Contest   Term
State Representative 35 2 years
Republican Tony Locke
State Representative 36 2 years
Republican Art Washut
State Representative 37 2 years
Republican Steve Harshman
State Representative 38 2 years
Republican Tom Walters
State Representative 56 2 years
Republican Jerry Obermueller
Contest   Term
State Representative 57 2 years
Republican Jeanette Ward
Democratic Robert Johnson
State Representative 58 2 years
Republican Bill Allemand
State Representative 59 2 years
Republican Kevin O'Hearn
State Representative 62 2 years
Republican Forrest Chadwick

County Contests
Contest   Term
(3) Three County Commissioners 4 years
Republican Dallas Laird
Republican James "Jim" Milne
Republican Peter C Nicolaysen
Democratic Tom Radosevich
Libertarian Shawn Johnson
County Commissioner (2 year unexpired) 2 years
Republican Steven Freel
(3) Three Casper College Board of Trustees 4 years
  David Applegate
  Brad Cundy
  Kathy Dolan
  Tim S Kugler
  Todd Milliken
  Ann Ruble
Contest   Term
Natrona County Assessor 4 years
Republican Tammy Saulsbury
Natrona County Clerk 4 years
Republican Tracy Good
Natrona County Clerk of the District Court 4 years
Republican Jill Kiester
Natrona County Coroner 4 years
Republican James Whipps
Natrona County Sheriff 4 years
Republican John Harlin
Natrona County Treasurer 4 years
Republican Tom Doyle

City of Casper Contests
Contest   Term
Casper City Council Ward I 4 years
  Gena Jensen
  Jai-Ayla Sutherland
Casper City Council Ward II 4 years
  Michael Bond
  Eric D Paulson
(2) Two Casper City Council Ward III 4 years
  Brandy Haskins
  Trevor Mahlum
  Ray Pacheco
  Woody Warren

City of Mills Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Mills City Council 4 years
  Franklin A Bever
  Cherie Butcher
  Darla R Ives
  Timothy Sutherland
Mills City Mayor 4 years
  Seth M Coleman
  Leah Juarez

Bar Nunn Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Bar Nunn Town Council 4 years
  Steven Clark
  Tim Ficken
  Tyler Martin
  Kimberly S Zahara
Bar Nunn Town Mayor 4 years
  Peter Boyer

Evansville Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Evansville Town Council 4 years
  Greg Flesvig
  Candace Machado
Evansville Town Council (2 year unexpired) 2 years
  Walt Berens
  Dacia Edwards
Evansville Town Mayor 4 years
  Chad Edwards
  Steve Krohn

School Contests
Contest   Term
(4) Four Natrona County School District #1 Board of Trustees 4 years
  Fatima Bujosa
  Kevin Christopherson
  Tina Dean
  Jenifer Hopkins
  Darren R Hopman
  Ryan W Landmann
  Debbie Mccullar
  Joseph Porambo
  Renea D Redding
  Mary Schmidt
  Kianna Smith
  Michael Stedillie
  Bernie Studer
  Lisa Cornia Taylor
  Arthur Youngberg

Fire Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Natrona County Fire Protection District Directors 4 years
  Steven Garrett
  Dean A Jackett
  Tony Kiser
(2) Two Casper Mountain Fire District Directors 4 years
  Stewart "Stew" Anderson
  Joshua Bray
  Kaycee Klein
Casper Mountain Fire District Director (2 year unexpired) 2 years
  Mickale Bell
  Julie Bradley
  Anthony A M Gracia
  Ashlyn Gracia
  Ginelle Gracia

Conservation Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Natrona County Conservation District 4 years
  Andrew C Anderson
  Tammy L Cobb