Field Appraisal


The Natrona County Assessor's Office is required by law to annually list, value and assess all taxable property in the county. This task is accomplished by the Natrona County Assessor's field appraisers.


Field Appraisers have the task of listing and valuing all real property in Natrona County for the purpose of determining market value pursuant to Wyoming Statute 39-1-102b Section 3(d.).

How do we value your structure?

Values are based on Replacement Cost New Less Depreciation (RCNLD).  A price per square foot is determined by cost manuals (Wyoming uses Marshall & Swift), measurements are taken, calculated and then depreciated to get an Improvement Value.

What is Marshall & Swift?

Visit CoreLogic's website to learn more.

How do we follow up?

The Assessor's Office uses multiple tools to follow up on properties. 

  • Building Permits
  • Sales information on the internet
  • Eagleview - online mapping tool with oblique imagery
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - internal mapping software


The Assessor's Office Employees take courses to achieve Property Tax Appraiser Certification by the Wyoming Department of Revenue. The Appraisers must have a temporary certification to set values.

Permanent certification is achieved by taking International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) Course 101, Uniform Standards & Ethics (USPAP) and 90 hours of core classes.